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Shuttercraft Bristol - a huge selection of window shutter styles

From standard windows to the most awkwardly shaped windows, we provide an array of quality window shutter styles in all shapes. Shuttercraft Bristol supplies hand-crafted, made-to-measure interior plantation shutters made to look great and provide years of enjoyment.

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Made-to-measure window shutters styles

The following provides information on our extensive range of window shutter styles. Simply click on the style menu below for more information on each style.

There is a broad range of interior shutter styles available in Bristol

Bay Window

Shuttercraft Bristol installs interior window shutters for all types of bay windows, including three, four, five, seven and nine panel bays plus square and awkward shape bays. Our quality shutters provide a perfect fit and a contemporary solution to a traditional window style. Our extensive range of bay frames has a design to suit any window and includes a 90-degree option. If for whatever reason our standard stock does not match your bay window, we can build as customised frame to provide the best possible look and fit.

Full Height

One of the most common window shutter styles, Shuttercraft Bristol has extensive experience in supplying and installing full height shutters. This type of shutter features single panels that run from the bottom of a window or door to the top. The width of the panel will typically determine which material is selected, and our professional installers work with you to identify the right type of wood. The end result is a refined shutter with multiple panels hinged together to cover the full width of the window or door. Full height shutters can be combined with a mid-rail or privacy bar. This addition provides additional strength, especially for larger panels. It also divides controllable louvres into top and bottom sections, offering additional privacy by closing eye-level sections while still allowing light to enter your space through top panels.

Café Style

You’ll probably remember these from storybook illustrations, and they really are as pretty as a picture. Most of these shutter styles cover only the bottom half of your windows, meaning that you have all the benefits of natural light without any compromise on privacy. You can also supplement them with a curtain or blind above them, which gives you yet more options and looks incredibly chic to boot. These are a lovely choice for windows at any level of building, not least because they’re so flexible and can be modified in so many ways. Talk to one of our specialists about having some custom-made that will be perfect for your home.


Tier-on-tier shutters provide a similar look to full height shutter installations. The difference is that tier-on-tier shutters provide two full-height shutter panels with one placed above the other. The top and bottom panels can be opened independently with louvre sets operating separately. This design allows you to convert your shutters into a café style shutter with the top panels fully opened while keeping the bottom panels in place for additional privacy.

French Doors

In addition to by-pass shutters, we supply specially designed French door shutters. These shutters allow you to create a uniform look, offering shutters for your French doors that match windows that share the same space. These shutters optimise privacy while offering a practical solution that allows you to easily open French doors with your shutters. Our customised French door shutters are also cut to seamlessly fit any door handles. Shutters can be removed to let you clean windows and glass on your French doors with ease.

Solid Shutters

Shuttercraft Bristol supplies a full range of solid panel window shutters. This type of shutter delivers a more traditional look and feel for your space and are popular in Victorian homes. Our solid shutters are available in hardwood styles only. We have four styles to choose from, including our popular solid shaker shutter and solid base shutter options.


By-pass shutters are one of two options we offer that are designed especially for large window and door expenses. This style of window shutter installation has panels on tracks that allow them to slide past each other. By-pass shutter systems are well suited for room partitions and dividers, or to simply provide a privacy screen. They are also ideal as wardrobe doors shutters.


Ideal for long spans of windows or doors, bi-fold shutter systems are designed to operate together along track systems. These shutters allow your to adjust louvres to provide easy access or simply adjust how much light enters your space. Our bi-fold shutters can concertina back neatly to the side of your windows and doors to provide full access and light as required.


Our bi-fold and by-pass shutter systems are perfect solutions for wardrobes. These shutter installations allow you to match your wardrobes to your shutter installation on your windows or doors. Panel widths can be customised so that they do not protrude too much into the room, although how much they impede into the room is dictated by the panel width selected and the design. By-pass shutters operate on a track, while bi-fold shutters concertina together as panels are moved along tracks.

Special Shape/Angles/Curved

The most awkwardly shaped windows can be fitted with a beautiful shutter. We specialise in designing and installing window shutters at extreme angles and on windows with unique shapes. From port holes to gable ends, we have experience in providing stunning bespoke shutter solutions. In some cases, shutters can only be made with a limited number of materials due to the special shape of the window. Even for the most unique shapes and angles, we supply quality window shutter styles that will provide a stunning addition to your space.

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